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"Believe you can and you’re halfway there."

Theodore Roosevelt

​​​​​​​                                                                            The Realignment Party of America

“These are the times that try men's [and women’s] souls: The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he [or she] that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.”  Thomas Paine, The American Crisis, 1776

Dedication:  This is dedicated to America, created by the spirit of 1776 which bestowed to us independence, liberty, and opportunity; and to the millions of Americans who want a better choice in the 2016 presidential election.  It would remiss to not offer that choice.

After the third and final debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in Las Vegas, pollster Frank Luntz asked a group of undecided voters what they wanted.  One women   plaintively replied: “I want a different candidate.”  Another woman said: “I want somebody else.”      

There is wisdom deep in the well of America.  It resonates with truth and opposes ignorance and lies.  It strives for understanding and a path out of the current dilemma.  There is a way for a new 3rd party candidate to win the White House.  It is not too late.  We shall show you why a 3rd party candidate from the Realignment Party of America should be that person, and how we propose to actualize this.  Who we elect to the White House will determine, to one degree or another, the future for us all.  There is not a lot of time left, but there is enough time if each who can assist does.


On the grounds of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in Langley, Virginia is a sculpture, Kryptos, with four hidden messages contained within its structure.  Three have been deciphered.  Whoever figures out the meaning of the fourth will achieve a certain level of fame, and respect.  Sometimes messages are best stated openly; at other times hidden; and sometimes not stated at all.  America is in a period of great crises (read plural).  America’s problems need to be made clear, with their solutions showing the caliber of strategic thinking to which the application may be had for all problems; but some things are best left unstated.  The astute reader may deduce correctly that here we shall deal with ideas and solutions which must be solved, while leaving other dilemmas alone until the present situation has been ended.  Also, here are insinuations of scenarios if the present situation is not remedied.  It would not be a pretty picture.  Would it be, that miraculously we could just proclaim that “Those with eyes to see, see; and, those with ears to hear, hear,” and have it so.  But as we look around our country we witness citizens, regardless of the truth, hearing different things and seeing different realities, entrenched in their belief that they only are correct.   Eric Hoffer explained this in The True Believer.  Some people cling to their own version of the truth when facts state otherwise.  They cannot be reached.  We are interested in the truth, fact-based truth, and what is good for America and Americans - nothing else.  This initiative is supplied to Americans who cannot abide with anything but the truth and who long for a way out of the current mess.  The election is on November 8th.  On November 6th, the country turns it clocks back.  We will have shorter daylight hours, but we do not have to have darker days.

It may seem late in the game for a new political party to announce itself and forward a far better candidate than the present ones for the presidential race of 2016.  It is late, but not too late, especially when the strategy of this new party is one that relies on non-traditional means, though Constitutional, to secure the presidency and that a last-minute entry serves the American people by providing an off-ramp from the present situation.  This is a unique election.  Many of the millions of Americans who do not like the two front runners, think they are the only choices, generally dismissing the current 3rd party candidates.  They are convinced that this election is only one of a binary choice.  This is not true.  What if there was a new party that had the ideas to heal America, had the solutions to our problems, and had a candidate with the temperament, the background, and the ability to transform America and lead America in a positive direction?  If no presidential candidate get 270 votes in the Electoral College, the top three vote getters are voted on by the House of Representatives and when a majority vote is reached that person is elected president.  If a new party candidate wins even one state in a close election denying the two front-runners the 270 votes needed, we have a new race.  There is still an opening to do this.  We will show you that this is possible, and how this can be actualized.  To do so we will first provide background; analyze the big difference with two problems which must be solved – the economy, specifically focusing on the national debt; and winning the war against terrorism - as examples of strategic in-depth thinking compared to the shallowness of the present candidates; show you how we would organize an administration, what our platform is; go over the duties of the president, give you our proposed candidate’s bona fides; and then explain how we can situate to win the election.  It can be done.   

In an era where ideas can go viral and with millions of Americans from all socio-economic stratum longing for rescue from a future of division and danger the time is ripe for another option.  We do not know what “black swan” events or further “October surprises” will arise.  There are investigations of candidates’ affairs going on.  We have at least one foreign power trying to manipulate our election process.  There is promised to be many more Clinton emails.  There may be more Trump tapes.  Continued accusations against the two front-runners are sure to happen, even after the election.  Maureen Dowd, Pulitzer Prize winner writer of the New York Times, has stated that in this presidential race, “Anything can happen.”  We can make it happen. 

Many tens of millions of Americans do not want to see either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump sworn in as the next president.  But if nothing is presented to the American people beyond the choices now available, one of them will win the presidential race.  Presently, voters who detest Hillary Clinton will vote for Donald Trump just to see her stopped.  Millions of others repulsed by Donald Trump will only vote for Hillary Clinton to stop him.  Others, repudiating both Clinton and Trump, may not vote, may choose one of the present 3rd party candidates, or may write-in their choice.  Millions of Democrats and Republicans reject their party’s candidate.  The ranks of Independents are growing.  Google analytics points to the fact that searches for “write-in” has surged.  What about the current 3rd parties?  As we will show, the Libertarian and Green party candidates are weak intellectually, too parochial, and espouse programs which are dangerous.  They are not going to be significant in 2016.  Not to say that the major-party candidates do not also harbor ideas which would put America in harm’s way.  Evan McMullin, a Mormon Republican running as an Independent at this point looks like he will win Utah.  Kudos to Mr. McMullin for his efforts, but they cannot be translated to what needs to be done.  By winning a Red State (Republican) he does not change the overall outcome if nothing else is present.  His overture does, however, provide an obvious opening for a more inclusive candidate by showing that a 3rd party candidate can change the landscape.  It just needs to be changed a great deal more.  We are giving Americans another option to dramatically change that landscape and the outcome of the election. 

A Republican, running as an Independent cannot go very far.  Neither a Republican or a Democrat can unite the country.  And Republican and Democrat ideas by themselves are not solving the problems we have.  They are so wed to their assumptions and agendas that is all they can see.  The Republicans, like the Democrats, and other parties, are political tribes which appeal to segments of society.  Both major parties have contributed to the current situation.  Both lack the comprehensive and inclusive ideas we must have if we are to solve our problems and unite the country.  Or to use other terms, neither “Liberals” or “Conservatives” can unite the country, and both schools of thought lack the completeness America needs in 2017 and forward.  It must be an eclectic approach.  It must be holistic.  That is the essence of the Realignment Party of America: a purely grassroots, independent, outsider, wide-ranging, inclusive, “outside the box” thinking opportunity that sees possibilities and the way forward for America; while the other parties, and their candidates, do not.  Our proposed candidate has a positive vision for America, has plans, has ideas, and has a track record.  He also is a man of his word.  The election of 2016 is producing a natural realignment of the parties.  The Realignment Party provides a template to do so positively and with the least amount of pain for the parties, and a way for the nation to heal.        

Beyond the obvious difficulties with the two front-runners, which have been and continues to be investigated and documented, none of the current candidates answer basic questions.  None.  None of the present candidates, from their words and present and past actions, are strategic thinkers.  This is not to say that they do not identify some problems which must be addressed.  Rather, they all leave crucial problems unsolved, or would make them worse; at times, advocating extreme programs which would be detrimental to America.  Even with speech writers and advisors the current candidates come up short.  And we know candidates often say one thing in public while having hidden agendas.  A presidential campaign should be a contest of ideas between truthful, capable, and acceptable candidates.  Presently we do not see the ideas or the candidates who have “the right stuff.”  America’s combined crises are exemplified in the crisis of the presidential race itself.  It seems like we are lost.  How else could two of the most unpopular figures in America become the front-runners in the presidential race?  This crisis must be solved.  In 2016, America cannot afford to make a mistake.  The stakes are too high.  America must have a reliable alternative to the present presidential candidates.  If there were someone presently running with the correct ideas who we trusted, we would not be offering this.  There is not.  We are stepping into the arena because of that.   

Therefore, this is to announce the outline and means for a new truly independent 3rd American political party, the Realignment Party of America, to be led by a reliable, truly Independent candidate - with portfolio - to enter the presidential race bringing clarity to Americans; providing meaningful, resonating, and viable policy options; a realistic and significant platform which will be carried out; a very possible avenue to attain victory in November by short-circuiting the present deficient major party presidential candidates from winning; and the only conceivable way to integrate the divisions within America, solve our problems, and move the country forward constructively.

The Realignment Party, and its planned candidate, is the party and the candidate intelligent and aware Americans need at this perilous time to serve all our citizens in the presidency because we offer insights and solutions to problems the others parties and their candidates do not.  If political operatives, journalists, corporate executives, blue collar workers, laborers, the unemployed, students, the man and the woman on the street, and every age group thinks this election is just one to watch, does not apply to them, or that a vote for a 3rd party is a thrown-away vote, we have news for you.  This election will determine our future, your future, America’s future.  If we are aware in the least, we must engage.  If we are not supporting the best outcome in this election, we are not supporting America or ourselves – and that goes for whoever we are. 

The Realignment Party is different from the other parties.  What we say we will do, is what we will do.  We are “old school.”  Our word is our bond.  We are opposed to corruption, ignorance, lies, and policies which do not work.  We do not look at the world through rose-colored glasses.  We see sounder options than the other parties.  We appeal to the smart voter, the informed voter, the voter who cares, the voter who realizes without the correct ideas even the perfect candidate temperamentally would be wrong; and with an ill-suited candidate with the wrong ideas not only will no progress be made, but the nation will sink further.  This election will mark a turning point for America: we can either see a reawakening back to sanity, safety, progress, unity, and prosperity; or, it could be the point where sanity may have escaped us as a country and crises would weaken us further, to the point where our adversaries would see us as a confused sitting duck.  This election is that important.  The ideas, party, and candidate we embrace will determine the outcome – and the direction of the nation for years to come.  As of this launch about 5 million Americans have early voted.  Kudos to you.  Even if you have already voted, though, there is something you can do. 

Why another party and not just another “Independent” candidate?  The Realignment’ proposed candidate has been a Democrat, a Republican, a Libertarian, and has been an Independent for many years.  He could just as well run as a real Independent.  But running as an Independent while explaining what needs to be done does not provide the structural benefits.  Parties do obviously have a downside.  Parties are not perfectly programmed computers which cannot deviate from their programs and which are set to provide known results.  Parties have inherent weaknesses because they are composed of people.  Too often groups of people sink to the lowest common denominators, and since we are dealing with power, money, and influence with politics we see this become corruption, crony capitalism, and money pulling the strings.  The party and individual aspirations, too often, become paramount over the interests of the American people.  This is part of what is wrong with party politics in America today.  Our Founders warned us about this.  But a party, if led by an honest, truthful person, and people who will not put up with shenanigans, who demand it serves the people, can be positive.  Parties provide continuity, a central storehouse of ideas, organization, the means to establish state chapters, and the assets needed to fuel elections.  We could have called the Realignment Party the Truth Party because truth is chief to us.  We espouse truth, clarity, honesty, and the interests of Americans before party or political aspirations.  Liars are not welcome.  The corrupt are not welcome.  The deceitful are not welcome.  Like tens of millions of Americans, we are disgusted with the present parties’ bull dung.  They stink, and Americans know it.  They have created what we’ve got.  Putting one of the candidates from the two major parties in charge of the White House will change nothing, except to make matters worse.  Electing obvious short-sighted minor parties’ candidates, even if honest, deprive America of needed understandings and possibilities.  The Realignment Party’s proposed candidate is honest.  He knows what must be done.  And, he will do it.                

The Realignment Party wants to change the way Washington works.  There is no other party which will do so as positively.  We want to work with all the American people and all the other parties.  We want to solve problems and provide a safer, saner, more prosperous America.  We want to assist the other parties to become better servants of the American people.  But beyond “wanting,” we know how.  We have plans.  This could take place as a one-term caretaker government allowing the means, the impetus, and the time for the parties in America to realign within themselves and with each other; for a reconciliation of the American people; for focusing on solving our major problems; and for streamlining our government by examining and realigning all governmental departments, functions, and programs.  Nothing will be overlooked.  If the present parties do not get it together during a four-year sabbatical from the White House, the Realignment Party may evolve into something more permanent.  It is up to the other parties themselves.  By establishing a party, we cover all the bases, we keep open all the options.  One thing is clear.  The present situation is unacceptable.  We need something better.  Otherwise, our deep divisions will only get deeper, we shall see more crises, and rancor and anger will be the norm among more of our people.  We are a better country and a smarter people than that. 

In America, each time we have a crisis we are told we must have “a conversation.”  The word has become a meme.  It is repeated and repeated.  The statement made, we move on to the next crisis.  We never fully have the conversation – about anything.  Nothing gets solved.  It goes beyond gridlock.  It is deeper, more serious.  Many seem to have forgotten how to think.  Where is common sense and logic?  The basics are disregarded.  And facts?  This election has been described as one in a “post-fact world.”  Realities do not matter to many.  There is so much nonsense intertwined with what little facts mentioned that people cannot tell what is true and what is not.  We presently witness numerous ad buys by the various presidential candidates about what they say they will do.  We see and hear the candidates pronouncing their fairy-tale possibilities.  They seek to spread an air of confidence that they know what they are doing and that with them it will somehow get done.  None of them explain how they will do it – or how they will pay for it.  Instead we are urged to support someone on faith that somehow they will produce the silver bullet and cure our problems.  Bull dung!  With this election, we must digger deeper than bumper sticker slogans or 30 second television ads.  We cannot rely on the ego-driven who think and say they know more than anyone else.  And we must see through whatever shallow solutions they may offer that will only make matters worse in the long-term, even if they look good short-term.  

Anyone who has seen the movie Power with Richard Gere knows how contrived and far from the truth political campaigns can be.  Rent it, stream it, buy it.  Watch it.  It will get you up to speed as to where we are.  The truth that comes with this 1986 movie is that we are still dealing with problems that were mentioned back then.  We never solved the problems.  And we still have outrageous manipulation and contempt of the people.  That is what we are dealing with.  It is repulsive.  Anyone with the money can put ads on various media and convince some people, enough people, how genuine and understanding they are to get elected – when they are phony and ignorant of the problems and oblivious to the solutions.  Our electoral campaigns are carnival performances with chicken neck biters pretending to be royalty.  It is hideous.  The majority of Americans have turned their backs on the pretenders, the con-artists, and their hired political prostitute “surrogates,” or blind followers.  Americans want problems solved, truth told and lived, and a safe, prosperous America.  Americans want a trustworthy and reliable candidate to serve them.  It isn’t rocket science.    

Where are the ideas we need which supply solutions?  We have opinions, gossip, speculation.  We have conspiracy theories.  We witness pundits and even word-smiths often using the wrong words.  We have condemnation of the “politically correct” with critics practicing their own brand of political correctness.  We have superficial analysis.  We have various media outlets unwittingly used as pawns explaining what a candidate said or did on a given day without analysis, without depth, giving that candidate, worthy or not, credibility to low information voters.  Many people are easily tricked.  People cleave to the idea that “our candidate will take care of it,” even when there is evidence that they will not.  Another crisis takes over.  The never-ending 24-hour news cycle is often provocative or entertaining, and our attention spans seemingly so abbreviated.  We have time for 140 characters and read what cyber personas post.  Twitter and other social media venues can be great channels for present-time data, a means to share information during an emergency, and a pulse of the nation and the world; but they can become merely a place to vent, get entertainment, or experience an arm’s length online pseudo social life.  Crises are noted.  On-air talk-show personalities present their slants to their followers.  Sundays give us panels of commentators to offer their explanations.  Politicians may try to get their personal biases legislated, or pontificated as law without considering legislatures, standing law, or the Constitution.  Time goes by.  We frequent the same crisis again – and again we speak of another never happening full conversation.  Democrats and Republicans - and others - like deer in the headlights, are frozen as to solutions.  The result is our present situation.  And the present candidates offer more of the same while promising something different.  It is deceitful, lying, shameful, and dangerous to America.  President Thomas Jefferson instructed us that our Republic could only work with an educated populace.  President Franklin D. Roosevelt said: "Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. The real safeguard of democracy, therefore, is education."   Scammers take advantage otherwise.  But, here, we are not buying a used car, we are going to elect our next president. 

Democracies, without the common truths which should and must unite us, populated by people not anchored in basic principles and understandings, become democratic maelstroms with whirlwinds of discontent and malice feeding confusion and grievances.  Single issue voters rise out of fear of losing what they identify as important, forced to support the unworthy.  Information overload, poor educations, false information, disinformation, and various other contributors has created a caricature of what America was, is, and can be.  Pretenders cannot solve this.  Ego driven know-it-alls, who know nothing, cannot save us.  People corrupted by the lust for power and beholden and salivating for money will say anything to get into office.  It is not working the way it should.  The system is broken.  We need to fix it.  We can. 

What problems have we solved lately?  Have we solved the debt crisis; the terrorism crisis; that of a marginalized economy; that of displaced workers?  How can we viably eliminate the student debt problem?  Eliminate, not just refinance.  What should our immigration policy be in an era when we see terrorism?  How do we establish sound border control while being fair?  What of the rise in opiate use, heroin addiction, and death?   How long is it going to take to get the Veteran’s Administration straightened out?  How many years are we going to talk about equal pay?  How many more must die in the inner-city carnage before programs are put in place to end the maddening murder sprees in several cities?  Why do we argue over scientific evidence about climate change?  Even if there wasn’t human-caused climate change (and we are not arguing that there is not), would it not be sensible to balance the ebb and flow of Earth warming, and how?  Wouldn’t we suppose intelligent Earthlings would do this in the 21th century?  Safety experts have been advocating for 40 years that railroads implement Positive Train Control (PTC), but arguments have been made, among others, that it cost too much.  Tell that to the people who have lost their lives in train wrecks, or to their families and friends.  What of trade?  Trading on the global stage is supported by some, while others oppose it advocating isolationism because of manufacturing and job loss.  Human beings think in a pendulum effect manner.  They go from one extreme to the other.  Are we doing this now with how we think about trade?  Where is the balance, the win-win?  And, we should not be unaware that the rise in robotics is going to displace millions of more workers.  What planning has gone into transitioning people, training them, or providing for them during this transition?  It is going to happen.  It is already happening.  Our tax regulations are bizarre.  There are some estimates that the tax code is 70,000 pages long.  There are other estimates that it is much lower.  Apparently, we do not know.  Have we become sloppy or are some of our systems so complex that we just do not know their composition?  We allow corporate interests to write our laws.  Pharmaceutical companies overcharge for their products.  Legislators vote on bills without reading them.  Presidents sign bills which are so long that they do so without reading them, but we can be sure there would be denial of this if asked.  It goes on and on and on.  No wonder millions of Americans are fed up.  The 1960’s Broadway musical Hair referred to America as “a moving paper fantasy.”  Is that what we have become?  The system is not working.  We have got to get our feet back on the ground.  Two plus two equals four.  Hello.  Is anybody home? 

A “zeitgeist” is defined as the major set of ideals, ideas, and beliefs that spur the actions of members of society in each era, or period.  It is what people identify with, what they resonate with.  It has been referred to as “the spirit of the times.”  Today, what is America’s zeitgeist?  We definitely have more than one running around.  And some of them clash.  We are certainly not presently forming “a more perfect union.”  Nothing is getting solved and the present candidates are oblivious to the solutions – and to many of the problems.  They are part of the problem.  They are as confused in their smugness as anyone.  America is in deep trouble.  As C.G. Jung stated: “We are in need of a reorientation.” This is true both individually and as a country.        

When the Founders of America realized they had the great crisis of their lives they went to work and engaged in an equally great conversation with each other. The Federalists and the anti-Federalists argued with each other.  They also reasoned together.  The wrote papers.  They produced pamphlets.  It was difficult.  It took time, but they got the job done (Unfortunately, with our present crisis, we Americans do not have the luxury of a lot of time).  After issuing the Declaration of Independence, through discourse and debate the Founders put together a Constitution and a Bill of Rights which has guided our country for 240 years.   Along with other assets, especially the strength and collective wisdom of our forebears, who worked, fought, bled, sweat, cried, and died for America and for us, the Constitution allowed America to become a great country, second to none.  Through most of our history we could solve our problems, and those of other nations around the world.  Millions of people are free on Earth because of the United States of America.  Most feel gratitude toward us for this, but not all.  If we watched Jay Leno or Jimmy Kimmel doing interviews on the street about basic issues, we see how ignorant many are in our country.  It may be great for some for a laugh, but democracies do not survive when people do not know the basics.  And we cannot rely that enough will know when the time comes to pull a lever in the voting booth.  The “uniformed voter” is not a myth.  He and she are our next-door neighbors.  Our generation must do one thing right now:  We must work to put into the White House someone who does not lie, who will not cheat, who has better ideas than the present candidates, whose only goal is serving America and the American people and who will straighten it all out.  Individuals, groups, and countries operate similarly.  Each is on a journey in life.  For each there can be success or failure.  For each, there can be a point of no return.  America has not reached that point yet.  We are awfully close.     

At one time it was not out of the question for us to step in and actually “nation build.”  Modern day Germany and Japan are examples of a forward-thinking America, the victor in war against them, but dedicated to rebuilding them and bequeathing to them the truth of our worldview and system of government. Today these are two of the most progressive and successful countries on the planet standing alongside us as staunch allies.  Yet now, many say nation building is not something we can do anymore, or should even attempt.  Recent history has shown a dismal record to be sure.  And how are we doing at home at nation building?  Just turn on the news on any given day and see the fault-lines.  Have we lost our ability?  The country has changed.  The way many think has changed.  Our social norms have changed.  Change is inevitable in life.  Change can be positive, but it can also be negative.  And even if we herald change, embrace it, promote it, think we need it, some things in life do not change.  It is a constant truth in life that we must breathe in order to live.  And the core truths of America, our breath of life as a country, has not changed.  The Statue of Liberty still holds a lamp on high for the world to see.  We are a country composed of every people on the planet representing every religion, belief, and possible opportunity on Earth.  We are blessed with educational opportunities and freedoms which have allowed us to be the most creative people on the globe.  To be sure, we can do better, and we should for all our people.  But, we must not forget what is positive about our country to do so.  The founding principles of America are still sound.  We have a history.  We have a Constitution.  We have institutions.  We have a great country.  We do not have to reinvent it.  We have to live it.  And, we have to live it fully. 

The Chinese character for “danger” has the aspect of “opportunity” according to some linguists.  If we look at this present time of danger for America we must realize the unique opportunity we also have, an opportunity that may not come again.  Every great country, every great company, every person who wants to do better, or who is having difficulty solving a problem, surveys their performance to see what may be missing to maximize results.  The armed forces of America define this as being “adaptable,” seeing what ways are working, what ways are not, how improvements can be made, and what new ways may be implemented.  We need to do this for all of America.  We need to realign with truth and with programs which work. 

America in 2016 needs a grand realignment.  All our concepts, ventures, policies, methodologies, and perceptions of realities need to be realigned, or at the least examined.  We need to realign governmentally, politically, economically, socially, and geo-politically.  To do this we need to realign intellectually.  We need to get back to basics.  We need to optimize.  We need ideas, not fluff.  We need options, not bluster.  We need intelligence, not shallow pretensions.  We need to fully have the conversations we are always talking about.  We need to face reality, not escape in illusions or delusions.  We need to embrace truth.  We need to unite.  We need to build. 

That person with the best ideas for America and Americans - who also has the required background, character, temperament, and ability - should be the President of the United States of America.  That party which recommends that person with the best ideas and the other requisites needed for the presidency in 2017 should be the party that Americans across the political spectrum support in 2016.  The next president will face many challenges.  Old thinking, unimaginative thinking, or being incurious will not be sufficient.  False preconceptions, nasty temperaments, obliviousness to the problems, and extremist views will not do.  The next president to be fully effective must be the catalyst and conduit for the numerous conversations we must have; must have realistic solutions to current crises; must have the ability, and desire, to unite America; and, must have the vision to steer America back on-track in a positive direction.  When we work together we can reach unimaginable horizons.  We have done it in the past.  We are fully capable of doing it again.  There is one flag on the Moon: The American flag.  Every time you see the Moon, remember that.  When we unite, there is no problem we cannot solve.

The Realignment Party needs your help.  In The Third Wave by Steve Case we are informed that starting up and speeding up is accomplished by “The Three P’s: Partnership, Policy, and Perseverance.”  The Realignment Party will supply the policy and the perseverance; we need the partnership of Americans who are dissatisfied with the present political situation in America and the direction our great country is going.  The Realignment Party is a true grass-roots endeavor with the main goal of saving America from mistakes which we cannot afford.  Whether you are a Democrat, a Republican, a Libertarian, a Green, or an Independent we invite your help as contributors across the spectrum of finance, organization, ideas, and presence with your work.  Whether you are a Millennial, Generation X, Baby Boomer, or Silent Generation member, we need you.  America needs you.  Whether you are a farmer in Iowa, an IT professional in California, an out of work steel worker in Pennsylvania, a student, a garment maker in the Carolinas, a cowboy in Montana, a restaurant worker in New Mexico, a corporate executive in Texas, a member of government, an entrepreneur, a man or woman looking for work, or anyone doing anything in any of the states we need you.  America needs you.

In the age of modern communications, one might think we could solve our problems easier, that problems should not even grow to be crises.  The access and spread of knowledge has been literally amazing.  In 1927, from his perch high-up in the Metropole hotel in Chicago, Al Capone, a prohibition-era gangster, used a pair of binoculars to look down at the newsstand on the corner to read the headlines in the local papers.  Today, we can turn on our computers, or phones, and survey CNN, BBC, the Washington Post, the New York Times, and other online news outlets and periodicals from countries all over the world.  In 5 minutes a person can get an intel update on what is happening globally, and research any subject in the library of Congress.  If a person is educated and smart enough they can sometimes read between the lines and see what is going on globally faster and sometimes understand better than the person in the Oval Office, before the president has had coffee or has been given the President’s Daily Brief (PDB) – that is, if the particular president is smart enough to take advantage of that important information channel and doesn’t skip the session.  We Americans who want a better country, a safer country, a saner country have before us all the tools we need.  We just need that specialist who knows how to use those tools to help us build the country we want.  The Realignment Party and its proposed candidate want to be that specialist.     

The Realignment Party of America provides a choice that millions of Americans want with ideas and insights that will put America back on track, address the national debt, provide the funds to fix the infrastructure, produce millions of jobs, take care of student debt, eliminate the carnage while rebuilding our inner cities, end the immigration impasse, rebuild our military, provide for our veterans, deliver the comprehensive strategy to win the war against extremism as it emanates from the Islamic world, safeguard Social Security, and focus intelligently on the multitude of other problems we have, both domestically and internationally.  While taking on these challenges the Realignment Party will give time, impetus, and support for the political parties in America themselves to realign within and with each other, so America may move forth positively in the future and not have the political and social unrest we have in our country today.  The concept of “realignment” shall be earnestly pursued across the board that a United States of America shall be the reality rather than a divided nation.  There will be a realignment of the parties within America whether we assist or not.  People are dissatisfied with the status quo, as well they should be.  But should we just let chaos and the negative-minded steer us, or should we act and provide a positive channel to realign systematically, knowingly, and rationally?  The answer seems clear.  To some it won’t be.  They will go their own way.  The question for you is:  What will you do?

America has always been at the lead in innovation and creative thinking, most notably, governmentally.  Our democratic republic has produced a great country, second to none.  As before in our history, we must take the best ideas and produce solutions which will enable America to be greater than we have ever been.  America has always come up with the answer.  It is no different in 2016.  Americans are watching and listening before deciding on who they will support.  Americans must be provided an alternative opportunity while being able to take advantage of any unexpected bombshells in this unpredictable and bizarre election season.  To those of you who have been yearning and waiting, here it is, remembering what Yogi Berra informed us: “It ain’t over ‘til it’s over.”